EZdrummer 3 | The Mixer Tab Course

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Shootie School's The Mixer Tab Course.

Covers every feature of EZdrummer 3's Drums Tab, plus collaborative workflows with the Mixer Tab.

  • Over 20 videos
  • Over 3 hours of content that you can instantly download to your computer
  • On-screen Instructor
  • Extra supporting bonus video content
  • Certain subjects presented in different DAWs (Pro Tools, Reaper, FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, and Studio One)

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Course Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Microphone Duties
  3. Signal Flow and Gain Staging
  4. Round Robin & Alternate Hits
  5. Defining Drums and Mixer Presets
  6. The Mixer Tab Interface
  7. Key Commands, Groups, and Settings
  8. Bleed
  9. Bleed FX
  10. Mixer Tab Effects Modules
  11. Types of Reverbs
  12. Dealing with Instrument Bus Channels
  13. Automating in the Mixer Tab channels and FX
  14. Mixer Tab and Midi Controllers
  15. Mixing from within EZDrummer’s Mixer Tab
  16. EZDrummer 3 uses Stereo Outputs
  17. Routing vs. Exporting Audio
  18. Routing EZD3
  19. No Buss Effects EZXs
  20. Exporting Audio
  21. Bus Audio Export Tricks
  22. DAW Workflows
  23. DAW Insert vs FX Send
  24. DAW EQing After FX

Can I preview this content?
Yes. Watch my trailer here (coming soon). You can also watch a free sample video here (coming soon). Otherwise, if you’re still not sure I am the right teacher for you, watch some of my free content on my YouTube channel to get a vibe of my teaching style.

Is this for beginners?
Yes. Beginners may want to treat this like a college course. Watch one video at a time and apply the curriculum before continuing on to the next video. This course is for all skill levels and is considered a complete curriculum of the subject.

Is this for intermediate and advanced users?
Yes. Though I cover the very basics in this series, I explore every feature with advanced demonstrations and workflows. For an advanced user this will fill in the gaps, be a good recap course, and a reminder of overlooked features that they should consider incorporating in their current workflow.

What is the quality and resolution?

These video files are 2560x1440 pixels (2k) which is larger than High Definition video. I regularly zoom into the screen to better view details and text. I am also visually present on the screen with you as I teach.

How do I watch after purchase?
You will be emailed a download link right away. Keep in mind, such a large course will take up some hard drive space (under 2GBs) and downloading them to a device such as a phone may not be optimal. Any standard operating system or free media player will play these files. You'll have 72 hours to download your product after purchase. Contact me for support if you’re having trouble accessing or viewing the files.

Can I get a refund?
No. After you make your purchase an email is instantly sent to you and now you own this course. If you’re not sure if you want to buy this course, simply preview it before making your decision or check out my free content to see if you like my teaching style. Contact me with any questions before purchasing this course. *If you bought this course more than once by accident on the same account, please contact me.

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