For two years I have made the Metal Month Toontrack sponsored series in 2023 and 2024. Details below.

2024 Metal Month series:

Episode 1 here. Combat writer’s block with Toontrack sofware and attutude.
Episode 2 here. Writing demos fast with Toontrack software.
Episode 3 here. Producing beats and transitions.
Episode 4 here. Drum Fills
2023 Metal Month live Stream here.

2023 Metal Month series:

Utilizing Toontrack’s EZmix 2, EZbass, and EZDrummer 3; we write and produce a full metal song from scratch.

Episode 1 here. Getting guitar tones and writing riffs with EZDrummer 3.
Episode 2 here. Finding the right beats with EZdrummer and building the song.
Episode 3 here. Creating EZBass lines for the song.
Episode 4 here. Producing the song and getting a mix.