Buying Redundant Toontrack Products.
Know what they are and decide if they are good for you.

*updated 12/9/22

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Redundant Midi Packs:
If you’re interested in any of the Drum Midi Packs listed below, there’s a chance you already own the Parent Product to them. They are redundant products which can either save you money so you don’t have to buy their parent product to obtain it’s included midi, or they are a waste of money because you already own them and do not realize it. Reading the fine print on the product’s page will clue you in on a possible redundant midi product which is what I’ve done here for you. There is still confusion on this subject, hence this articulate list. You either buy the Drum Midi Pack (on the left of the list), or the Sound Expansion which already includes the Drum Midi Pack (on the right). I hope this list saves you time and possibly money. 

Americana Midi > Same as Americana EZX
Indie Folk Midi > Same as Indie Folk EZX
Indiependent Midi > Same as Indiependent SDX
Metal Machine Midi > Same as Metal Machine EZX
Metal Machinery Midi > Same as Metal Machinery SDX
Metal! Midi > Same as Metal! EZX
Metalheads Midi > Same as Metalheads EZX
Music City USA Midi > Same as Music City SDX
New York Studios Vol. 1 Midi > Same as New York Studios Vol. 1 SDX (and Superior Drummer 2 Core program)
New York Studios Vol. 2 Midi > Same as New York Studios Vol. 2 SDX
New York Studios Vol. 3 Midi > Same as New York Studios Vol. 3 SDX
Pop! Midi > Same as Pop! EZX
Rock Solid Midi > Same as Rock Solid EZX
Rock! Midi > Same as Rock! EZX
Roots Midi > Same as Roots SDX
The Blues EZX Midi > Same as The Blues EZX
The Classic Midi > Same as The Classic EZX
The Metal Foundry Midi > Same as The Metal Foundry SDX
The Progressive Foundry Midi > The Progressive Foundry SDX
The Rock Warehouse Midi > The Rock Foundry SDX 

***Some of these older EZXs go on sale multiple times a year for $40 or less. Since a new midi pack costs almost $30, it might be worth waiting for a sale and buy the entire EZX if you have the time to be patient.

Redundant EZX and SDX Expansions:
Toontrack EZdrummer and Superior Drummer Core products come with a library. Later when these programs get upgraded, the library of the previous core product get’s turned into an expansion pack (SDX/EZX). These expansion packs are redundant products that can be bought a second time without realizing it. Here are the few redundant products. If you own the product on the left of the list, do not buy the product on the right of the list.

Superior Drummer 2 > New York Studios Vol. 1 SDX
EZdrummer 1 > Pop/Rock EZX
EZdrummer 2 > Modern/Vintage EZX (this is the only EZX that you are warned not to buy at the toontrack store because you already own it)

****I cannot confirm that their are any Superior Drummer 1 redundant products because I have never owned it myself.

*****Even though the Toontrack store is great at telling you what you’ve bought and haven’t bought after you’ve signed in. That does not reflect these specific redundant products. Hence the main purpose for this article. Buyer beware.