Shootie Private Lessons

If you have ever found that you need a different pace or a more personalized experience than what my videos have to offer, you can fill out the form below to see if we are the right match for one-on-one live Zoom video lessons. I have general to advanced knowledge with most popular DAWs and I specialized in teaching Toontrack software among general production workflows.

Interested? Contact me about private lessons by using this form.


  • I initially provide a free 20 minute Meet & Greet via Zoom. This is to make sure we’re on the same page and to figure out any Zoom technical issues.
  • $30 per hour ($40 per hour for a recorded video session).
  • One hour minimum.
  • Must cancel scheduled lessons a full 48 hours in advance, otherwise a $20 fee. If I cancel, you get a $20 credit.
  • I prefer lessons on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Eastern Standard Time. Though you can ask for exceptions.

Want more info? I’ve had students that come to me for only two lessons and leave completely satisfied with new production workflows to continue their career with. I have students that are with me long term on a bi-weekly basis and I simply continue contributing to their ongoing projects. Some students I see weekly or even more when they have a production due and need support until the project ends. Some prefer a more open format Q&A, and some people want step-by-step instructions on their current endeavor. What I have in mind before meeting a new user is that different people have different interests and prefer specific paces. With that in mind, there is no curriculum. It’s all about where you’re at with your musical or production career/hobby, and how our chemistry can move you forward towards your goals.

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It’s helpful if you use this specific form to contact me about private lesson.