Wanted to note upfront, when I humanize velocity, I’m still speaking in “Percentages”, that is incorrect. When manipulating Velocity, the numbers simply represent velocity levels (1-127), not percentages of velocity levels. This video is the third in a series writing a metal song from scratch using Pro Tools, EZDrummer2, EZMix2, among other software.

00:00 – Start
01:03 – Intro
02:18 – Game Plan
04:37 – Advanced Song Structure Editing (this was an unscripted mess, but successful)
24:44 – Humanizing Drum midi (Quantizing)
1:24:30 – SKIP THIS (mic was muted)
1:27:00 – cont.
1:29:30 – Humanizing Drum midi (Velocity)
2:04:50 – Routing EZ Drummer 2