Centered around the Toontrack software, EZdrummer 2, learn the essentials of counting and time signatures with Shootie. With a few exclusive EZD2 workflow moments, this is a general music theory tutorial that is heavily essential for any musician to take their career or hobby to the next level with articulate communication and producing.

Video Contents:
00:00 – Introduction | Game Plan
01:15 – Time Signature/Metronome Encouragement
03:00 – Notation Explanation (optional)
03:57 – Intro to Counting, Beat Elements, and Analogies
06:46 – Counting and defining Measures and Structure
08:46 – Defining the 4/4 Time Signature
10:15 – Odd Time Signature introduction
13:26 – Examples of what we learned and a Counting Tip
16:09 – EZD2 Time Signature Workflows
17:29 – Multiple Time Signatures in EZD2 Workaround
22:34 – Why I think you should learn this stuff
24:21 – Goodbye
24:54 – Extra Credit: Count With Me – Odd Time Song References