The Ultimate Install Guide for Toontrack’s EZKeys 2 | Setup, Buy, Launch, Move, Transfer & Uninstall

Get it right the first time with the Ultimate Install & Setup Guide for Toontrack’s EZkeys 2. This video covers, buying, installing, authorizing, updating, transferring, hard drive management, moving sound libraries, VST issues, basic supper and more. Mac, PC, Pro Tools, Reaper, FL Studio, Studio One, Cakewalk, Cubase, Ableton, Logic Pro and Garagband are covered in this video.

EZkeys2 Product Page here.

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My EZkeys 2 Videos here.

Toontrack Audio Settings Guide here.

Toontrack Midi Setup Guide here.

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Win 10/11: C-Program Files-Common Files-VST3
Mac (12.5.1): Library-Audio-Plugins-VST3

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Before You Buy EZK2
02:24 – Product Manager
03:45 – Hard Drive Workflows
05:17 – Installing
06:51 – Post-Install
08:02 – Launching EZkeys2 in your DAW
11:23 – VST3 Folder
12:23 – Moving Sound Libraries
13:33 – Show Details & Uninstalling
14:33 – Getting Support