Superior Drummer 3’s Hitmaker SDX Overview

In this video we listen to every Drumkit, Drumkit Preset, and included midi song from Toontrack’s Hitmaker SDX. This includes the primary Hitmaker acoustic drum library and the electronic Hitmaker Machines library. I also chime in with extra information, advice, and workflows.

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00:00 – Intro | Center Stage Kit Sounds & Sounds
02:49 – Center Stage Tom Midi Folders
04:48 – New Word Kit Sounds/Songs
05:59 – Storyteller Kit Sounds/Songs
07:22 – Reggae Rock Kit Sounds/Songs
09:12 – Red Hot Session Kit Sounds/Song
10:01 – Red Hot Concert Kit Sounds/Song
11:07 – Gongdrum & Octoban Sounds
11:36 – Hit Maker Machines Library Sounds/Songs
14:17 – Multiple Instances of Hitmaker in DAW

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The 80ā€™s EBX Overview: