Expert mode with One-Shots in Toontrack’s EZD3. Import your own samples into EZDrummer 3. Learn to trigger and blend them live and in post-production. Learn to overcome some of EZD3’s limitations and witness the best One-Shot preset kit in existence in which you can win the Soundiron samples that it derived from!

Links referenced in this video:
Soundiron’s Flatulus Product Page: here
Flatulus Product Trailer: here

Sitala Free Software: here

ADSR Free Sample Manager: here
Big Stage EZX Overview: here
Best Toontrack Prices: here

Download the song files:
Link at bottom of page.
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*One-Shot purchase list at bottom of description.

šŸ“˜š“š€šš‹š„ šŽš… š‚šŽšš“š„šš“š’šŸ“˜
00:00 – Introduction
00:59 – Loading/Auditioning your own samples
03:07 – About One-Shots
04:28 – Computer and hard drive management
06:13 – Blending One-Shots in your DAW with EZD3
12:12 – Blending One-Shots in Standalone Mode
13:42 – One-Shot limitations and notes in EZD3
16:15 – Jamming with One-Shots
17:53 – Where to find One-Shots online
18:59 – Make your own One-Shots
21:07 – The product GIVEAWAY overview

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