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Above is a detailed video reviewing all of the brushes, mallets, no-snare, and rods samples from the entire EZDrummer line. Also any alternate instruments that go beyond a basic drum kit. But below is an article with not only the same information but additional brush articulation information for those who program and edit their own beats. Not to mention a few extra details I missed in the above video. So if you’re simply interested in the subject, watch the video. If this is an area you must know everything about, I suggest also reading the article below since it is a compilation of all I know on the subject.

00:00 – Pre-Show
05:36 – Welcome to the stream
15:10 – Guide Starts
16:44 – Alt Rock EZX (alternate instruments)
18:10 – Americana EZX (brushes, snares-off, alternate instruments)
24:50 – Big Band (brushes w/swirls, snares-off)
31:28 – Big Stage EZX (single “snares-off” snare)
32:49 – Classic Rock EZX (snares-off, mallets, alternate instruments)
37:45 – Claustrophobic EZX (brushes, dampened, alternate instruments)
41:42 – Custom Shop EZX (brushes w/swirls)
48:16 – Drumkit From Hell (snares-off)
49:18 – Modern/Vintage EZX (dampened)
52:08 – Gospel (two snare slots, dampened, alternate instruments)
53:58 – Hip-Hop (alternate instruments)
56:42 – In The Pocket EZX (alternate percussion, two snare slots)
58:19 – Indie Folk EZX (mallets)
59:45 – Jazz EZX (brushes w/swirls)
1:04:56 – Kicks & Snares (no-wire, dampened)
1:08:42 – Latin Cuban Drums EZX (alternate instruments)
1:10:42 – Latin Cuban EZX (alternate instruments)
1:11:35 – Latin Percussion EZX (alternate instruments)
1:13:00 – Nashville EZX (brushes, snares-off, fingers)
1:17:36 – Pop Punk EZX (two snare slots, alternate instruments)
1:18:36 – Pop! EZX (dampened, snares-off, alternate instruments)
1:19:56 – Pop/Rock EZX (dampened)
1:20:40 – Post-Metal EZX (snares-off)
1:23:20 – Post-Rock EZX (brushes, mallets, snares-off)
1:26:31 – Reggae EZX (alternate instruments, dampened)
1:27:51 – Rock Solid EZX (dampened)
1:28:18 – Seventies Rock EZX (dampened)
1:29:13 – Signature Part 1 EZX (mallets)
1:30:13 – Signature Part 2 EZX (brushes, rods, snares-off, alternate instruments)
1:36:31 – Singer-Songwriter EZX (brushes, dampened, alternate instruments)
1:38:45 – Traditional Country EZX (brushes)
1:41:04 – Twisted EZX (alternate instruments)
1:42:04 – UK Pop EZX (mallets, dampened)
1:44:15 – Vintage Rock (brushes) 1:49:55 – Wrapping up

EZDrummer 3 | A Guide for Brushes, Mallets, Rods, Snares-off, and alternate instruments and percussion.

Here I screen a very common question of which EZXs for EZdrummer have Brushes. But other popular questiond are which have the sanres on the snare drum disabled, have mallot, and rods. I thought it would also be benificial to point out which EZX’s have alternate instruments and percussion that go beyond the basic drum kit. I hope this srticle helps your next buying decision and gives you a jumpstart on your necxt production.

We’ll go through them in alphabetical order. The core Libraries of EZD2 and EZD3 do not have any Brushes/Rods/Mallets by default, you must buy EZXs to get them. EZX’s are sound expansions for EZDrummer 3. But if brushes are “your thing”, The Superior Drummer Core program has brushes as does the SDXs. They typically have more articulations than EZXs. So if you’re just doing a project here and there with brushes and such, EZDrummer EZX’s have you covered. Otherwise, and investment crossgrading to Superior Drummer might be considered.


Brushes are an alternative to using traditional drums sticks. They can resenble a paint brush except the bristles are usually made of plastivc or metal. You can strike the drum as you would with a stick and get a regular hit but with a gentler sound. Or you can draw on the drum head to give it a sustaining sound that derives from friction called a swirl. Depending on which EZX with brushes you use, you may or maynot have the ability to swirl as we’ll descover in this guide.

Mallets are an alternative to using traditional drums sticks. It’s basicaly a drum stick with a felt ball at the end for a much more subtle attack. Though there are many forms of mallets.

Rods are an alternative to using traditional drums sticks. Still made of would but have a much lighter weight and less aggressive attack.

Snares-off is when the metal wires located underneath the snare drum are disables. Making the snare havemore of a characteristic of a tom drum

An Alternate Instrument is a definition I made up for this areticle/video. It’s when there are instruments in and EZX that are beyond the tradition acoustic drumset. So besides the snare, kick, toms, hihat, cymbals and ride, I will point out any addition or alternate instruments.

Alternate Percussion is a definition I made up for this article/video. It’s when I find any percussion-based

List of EZXs with Brushes:

Americana EZX
Big Band EZX (w/swirls)
Claustrophobic EZX
Custom Shop EZX (w/swirls)
Jazz EZX (w/swirls)
Nashville EZX
Post-Rock EZX
Signature Part 2 EZX
Singer-Songwriter EZX
Traditional Country EZX
Vintage Rock EZX

List of EZXs with Mallets:

Classic Rock EZX
Indie Folk EZX
Post-Rock EZX

List of EZXs with Rods:

Signature Part 2 EZX

List of EZXs with No-Snares:

Americana EZX
Big Stage EZX
Classic Rock EZX
Kicks & Snares EZX
Nashville EZX
Pop! EZX (Djungle Kit)
Post-Metal EZX
Post-Rock EZX
Signature Part 2 EZX


List of EZXs with Dampening:

Americana EZX
Claustrophobic EZX
Modern/Vintage EZX
Gospel EZX
Kicks & Snares
Pop! EZX (Djungle Kit)
Pop/Rock EZX
Reggae EZX
Rock Solid EZX
Seventies Rock EZX
Singer-Songwriter EZX


If I missed an EZX or a new one came out after this video was released, I will update the description below.

The Americana Kit doesn’t have a brush Library Preset, but you’ll see the Drum Kit down here. It has an all nylon brush kit. The special instrument over here was not sampled with brushes. This EZX also has a snare’s off option. I’ll show the articulations and individual sounds as well. Remember if I click on a drum with my mouse, you’re hearing the drum at its maximum velocity, meaning the hardest the drum was hit. This ride has more articulations than most, especially for brushes.

The entire Clausterphopic EZX has a brush option except for the 2nd hihat, the two cowbells, cabasa, and eclectic pad over here. There’s a lot of different sampled options in this EZX making it unique. The main snare has a second Brush Option, all of the shells have a damped option among other options. This is the only EZX I’ve seen to sample striking the shell of the snare as an articulation. Here are the articulations.

If you own EZdrummer 1, you have access to the Cocktail kit. It’s a cute kit that has a Brush Library preset. If you look in the Drum Kit Presets you can get a Damped Brush Snare sound. This midi is from the EZdrummer 2 Vintage Kit Jazz Song Library. Here are the articulations and sounds.

The Custom Shop EZX has brushes on all instruments except the 2nd Floortom. You can select between the two Library Presets, The uptempo preset is brighter with more cutting transients. Programmers and edrummers alike might like that this one actually has swirl articulations. I don’t have a snare with the correct zones to trigger these myself, so I can’t speak from experience swirling on an ekit, but as we can see, the articulations are there for you to map your ekit to. Here’s the sounds and articulations of the rest of the kit.

The Jazz EZX has one full brush kit by simply selecting the Library Preset. This EZX also has a swirl articulation which sounds great with the included midi. The articulation do not have the toggers that edrummers are hoping for, but programmers will be in good hands. Toontrack swirl articulations do respond to tempo, just like a drummer would. Let me solo up the snare to show you. Here are the rest of the articulations and sounds.

The Nashville EZX has a cool and bright sounding brush kit which you access with the Library Preset. It comes with cool trainbeats midi. Besides having a no Snare option which is a bonus, it has a fingers option and a Finger drum kit that will load the finger samples into the shells of the kit. Let’s check out the articulations and sounds of the brushes. I think the articulations for the brushes have been mislabeled, but there are plenty here. As you can see, this is a brush sound, though it says fingers. I’m sure that will be corrected in an update.


The Post Rock EZX has a full brush kit except for Racktom 2 and the alternative instrument. Simply Select the Brush Library Preset. Let’s check out the articulations and sounds. There’s also a snare’s off for the shells, but more unique for EZXs if a full mallet kit minus the 2nd racktom, hihat and alternative instruments.

The Singer-Songwriter EZX has a full brush kit excluding the alternate instruments. Access it by loading the library preset. There’s two additional brush snare drums.