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The EZdrummer 3 drums tab course | finding your sound

Shootie’s Drums Tab course in EZdrummer 3 is available for purchase at the Shootie School store. It covers every feature of the Drums Tab, plus collaborative workflows with the Mixer Tab.

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  • Over 2 hour course (153mins)
  • 15 videos
  • On-screen Instructor
  • Extra supporting bonus video content (55mins)

Course Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction (00:33)
  2. Libraries and EZXs (07:05)
  3. Presets and Drum Kits (05:19)
  4. Drums and Mixer Presets (16:11)
  5. Instruments and Velocity (15:54)
  6. Percussion Instruments (02:50)
  7. The Instrument Menu (16:27)
  8. Changing Instruments (17:49)
  9. Importing Audio Files – Simple (14:25)
  10. Audio Files – Advanced (09:26)
  11. Stacks (10:47)
  12. Working With A User Kit (15:52)
  13. Creating A Preset Workflow (15:53)
  14. Endgame User Preset (04:21)
  15. Outro (00:30)

*Plus 55 minutes of bonus videos including; setting up audio/midi devices, futurehit instruments, alternate one-shot workflows, and more.


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Should've Bought This Course Sooner!

May 25, 2024

I purchased EZD3 18 months ago and having just now completed this course I can honestly say, I really wish I had gotten this course sooner.

I now know that EZD3 is a feature rich software, and if you choose, you can go much deeper than it’s name implies. I had no idea it was as powerful as it is. There are so many features that have enhanced the quality of my music, and expedited my workflow.

Thanks to this course, I have confidence in my understanding and use of EZD3. Shawn is not only an expert, but he is also a naturally gifted and relatable teacher. In the course, he encourages you to open EZD3 to follow along with him in real time while he breaks everything down into bite-size chunks. I’m really glad I did, and I highly recommend doing it this way. This course is unquestionably an immense time saver, and well worth every penny and more!

Peaches Chrenko,United States

Excellent class! Well worth the minimal cost!

April 30, 2024

As always Shawn breaks down the different aspects into meaningful pieces of information. He progresses through each aspect in a logical sequence. The videos are clear and concise and explained in layman’s terms. The amount of well thought out information shows the planning and preparation that goes into each of the videos in the course.

EZD3 is an incredibly powerful piece of software and many thanks to Shawn for opening all the little doors to different features and how to actually apply and use them.

Bob McGann,United States

Great course!!! Best bang for your buck

March 5, 2024

I tend to find a lot f DAWs, VSTs and plugins overwhelming to use and I felt the same thing when I first loaded EZ drummer 3. After watching a few of Shawns YouTube videos I bought the course. I found Shawn does a great job explaining and taking you through what is needed to get you going. By the end of the course I felt comfortable enough to navigate through EZ drummer to get me going with creating music.

Thanks Shawn

Dave Murray Canada

The Golden Gate to EZD

February 6, 2024

Long story short, I first used EZD in 2013 for about 2 years. Then I stopped recording music and came back to it in 2021 and more seriously in 2023.

I have to admit that I probably used 10 or 20 % of the power of this tool until I discovered Shootie School!!! I first watched videos on YouTube and then decided to go for the full course.

The quality of this course and of all the videos in general is very high. Shawn is very clear with his explanations, talking slowly and clearly with a very pleasant voice.

In terms of content, every little corner of each screen is detailed and explained. Nothing is left unclear.

I am only in the middle of the course but if I consider also the videos watched on YouTube since November 2023, I can measure the huge step ahead I have made in using not only EZD but also EZKeys, the bandmate, the song creator, the instruments, the presets…, everything these tools have to offer.

I have started to use functionalities that I even didn’t know they were there under my mouse!!

So, a big, big thank you Shawn for your time, your patience, your availability and the opportunity you are offering to us by sharing your skills and your knowledge of these wonderful Toontrack tools.



Can I preview this content?
Yes. Watch my trailer above. You can also check out my Sample video here. Otherwise, if you’re still not sure I am the right teacher for you, watch some of my free content on my YouTube channel to get a vibe of my teaching style.

Is this for beginners?
Yes. Beginners may want to treat this like a college course. Watch one video at a time and apply the curriculum before continuing on to the next video. This course is for all skill levels and is considered a complete curriculum of the subject.

Is this for intermediate or advanced users?
Yes. Though I cover the very basics in this series, I explore every feature with advanced demonstrations and workflows. For an advanced user this will fill in the gaps, be a good recap course, and a reminder of overlooked features that they should consider incorporating in their current workflow.

What is the quality and resolution?

These video files are 2560×1440 pixels (2k) which is larger than high definition video. I regularly zoom into the screen to better view details and text. I am also visually present on the screen with you as I teach.

How do I watch after purchase?
You will be emailed a download link right away. Keep in mind, such a large course will take up some hard drive space (under 2GBs) and downloading them to a device such as a phone may not be optimal. Any standard operating system or free media player will play these files. You’ll have 72 hours to download your product after purchase. Contact me for support if you’re having trouble accessing or viewing the files.

Can I get a refund?
No. After you make your purchase an email is instantly sent to you and now you own this course. If you’re not sure if you want to buy this course, simply preview it before making your decision or check out my free content to see if you like my teaching style. Contact me with any questions before purchasing this course. *If you bought this course more than once by accident on the same account, please contact me.