EZ Drummer 2, get up and running in less than 20 minutes. 

This is the highest rated EZ Drummer 2 tutorial on Youtube. In this video I will cover the main features of EZD2 with a steady pace so beginners can follow along, and veterans can recap and fill in any missing knowledge. You should be able to try something in EZD2, if not write an entire song with the software after this video. And when you’re ready, come check out my advanced EZD2 tutorials here covering the entire program in great detail. EZD2 is software that can trigger drum sounds, compose drum beats, mix drums, and help you create and edit full drum tracks. There is simply no competition.

Video Contents:

00:56 – Changing Instruments, drum kits, Library Presets and tweaking the kit.
04:44 – Using the Browser Tab to find midi files and building a song in the Song Track.
14:40 – Using the Search Tab to better find your midi files.
16:08 – Mixer features and mixing the project.

In this video I say “Timeline”. The Timeline where you edit your song in EZD2 is actually called the “Song Track”.

In this video I say “Mixer Presets”, I intended to say “Library Presets”. Library Presets do change mixer settings, which is why I accidentally made up the term.

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