Collaboration Midi Packs | Speed Dating Trick | Build a Song Fast | EZdrummer 3, EZbass, EZ Keys, SD

Toontrack has matching midi packs that can help you build a themed song really fast. Match that with my Speed Dating workflow and build a song super fast! All you need is two of the four core programs being EZdrummer 3, EZbass, EZkeys, and/or Superior Drummer 3.

EZD3 Product Page here.
Superior Drumme 3 Product Page here.
EZbass Product Page here.
EZkeys Product Page here.

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00:00 – What are Collaborating Midi Packs?
01:17 – Matching Songs
01:39 – Setting up the DAW Session
03:06 – EZkeys Sync Note
04:06 – Building The Intro
08:32 – Markers
09:48 – Building The Verse
12:44 – Building The Pre-Chorus
15:08 – Building The Chorus