User Arrangements and Resources.

A video explainaing EZD3’s Arrangments and User Arrangments here.
A new database of EZD3 User Arrangements for you to download here. (link coming soon)
To submit and discuss EZD3 User Arrangments, join my Discord server.

How to Share and Access EZD3’s User Arrangements.

It is possible for EZD3 users to share User Arrangements with one another.

On Mac you go to the Presets Dropdown Menu. Select User Presets and select Manage in Finder. In this directory you will see the UserArrangements folder which is where you can access your saved User Arrangements to share with others or import user arrangements.

EZD3 User Arrangements

The actual file path on Mac is:
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Toontrack/EZdrummer3/UserArrangements

EZD3 User Arrangements

On PC you must navigate to this file path:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Toontrack\EZdrummer 3\UserArrangements

On PC you may have to enable hidden folders if you do not see the directory above. Open Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization,and select File Explorer Options, Show Hidden Files and Folders, and look for and select “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Hard Drives”.

EZD3 User Arrangements

After finding the User Arrangements directory on your computer, simply copy/paste the individual User Arrangements as you wish. You may need to restart EZD3 to see the User Arrangements appear.

EZD3 User Arrangements

If you have created a User Arrangment that is a known popular song and wish to submit it to my database, upload it to my Discord Arrangment Submission Channel.

More info on Toontrack’s EZDrummer 3 here.